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Emergency Dentist

Emergency dentist

During regular office hours, we prioritize immediate attention to your situation, ensuring you are seen promptly. However, if your concern arises outside office hours, please contact our office and follow the provided instructions. Rest assured; your call will be returned at the earliest convenience. In the event of a serious or life-threatening emergency, we advise dialing 911 or visiting the nearest emergency room.

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Endodontic Emergencies

Outlined below are instructions for managing some common minor dental emergencies:

For a Toothache:

Begin by gently cleaning the area around the affected tooth, rinsing the mouth with warm water, and carefully flossing to dislodge any trapped particles. Should the pain persist or if the surrounding area feels warm, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

For Cuts to the Lip, Gum, Cheek, or Tongue:

Apply ice to reduce swelling and exert pressure with a clean cloth or sterile gauze to stop any bleeding. If bleeding persists, seek assistance from your physician or visit the nearest emergency room.

For a Knocked-Out Baby Tooth:

Please reach out to our office promptly to arrange an appointment.

For a Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth:

Immediately contact our office and take the following steps:

  • Avoid touching the tooth root and hold the tooth by its crown, rinsing it gently with water.
  • Reinsert the tooth into its socket as soon as possible, biting down on clean gauze to keep it in place.
  • If reinsertion is not feasible, preserve the tooth in a small container of milk or saliva and bring it with you to your appointment.

For a Chipped or Broken Tooth:

Carefully rinse the affected area with lukewarm water and apply a cold compress to the face to alleviate swelling. If you locate the broken tooth fragment, store it in milk and bring it to our office. If more than half of the tooth is broken, please contact us immediately.

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