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Smile Makeover

FREE Smile Makeover Consultation

Embark on a Smile Makeover Test Drive and envision the transformation of your smile. Our interactive consultation or simulation lets you preview the potential enhancements through various dental and cosmetic procedures. Experience the possibilities before committing to your full smile makeover journey.

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What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a life-changing transformation where we make the teeth and gums the way you've always dreamed of. I truly believe in the saying, “a smile increases your face value”, because whether it's a job interview or just out to dinner with friends, a beautiful smile will influence people's perception of you. Smile makeovers are considered cosmetic dentistry because it's geared at improving the appearance of the teeth and gums.

What are the goals of a smile makeover?

The goals of a smile makeover are to bring the teeth in harmony with the face. This is why I love working with a company called Digital Smile Design based in Madrid, Spain. They have a large team of dentists of all different specialties, dental technicians, and many years of experience combined.

What is involved in the process of a Smile Makeover?

The process begins when you come into our office and we take photos of you. These photos are then submitted to Madrid, where they design the perfect smile based on all the features of your face - the eyes, the nose, the ears, all that is taken into consideration. They then send us a digital file which allows us to 3D print a temporary veneer that we can try into your mouth. This process is called a smile test drive, just like you test drive a car to decide if you like it. You get to see exactly what the smile makeover will look and feel like before we even begin.

How does the Digital Smile Design ensure natural-looking restorations?

Digital Smile Design provides very natural looking restorations, nothing like chiclets. No one should look at you and know that you have veneers or crowns in place. This process is all digital, all copy and paste, exactly what you see is what you get. It won't look kind of like what you see, it's literally exactly the same thing.

Smile makeover 1

Smile makeover 2

Smile makeover 3

Experience a smile test drive with our 3D printed try-in services, allowing you to preview your new smile before making a decision.

During the try-on session, you have the creative control to determine the final look of your smile gallery photo. Your preferences shape the outcome, reflecting the beauty of seamless digital dentistry through easy copy and paste customization. 

Once the treatment officially begins, patients are given temporary veneers and crowns to take home.

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